What is Orthodontics?

In its simplest, Orthodontics is the dental specialty that is responsible for correcting the faulty position of teeth and bone anomalies corresponding.

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Frequent questions

What are the benefits of Orthodontics?
Orthodontic treatment, correctly executed, get the right alignment of teeth and normalizes the position and size of the maxilla and mandible, In this way the teeth can fit well together, ensuring full chewing of food. To work well, teeth are not damaged and remain healthy, which ensures a long life to the teeth. In addition, a smile straight teeth thus improve, aesthetics.

How these defects are discovered?
At the initial signs of defects of the teeth and their corresponding bone abnormalities appear, It is necessary to make a thorough study of the extent and severity, as well as the causes that have produced. To get them back on the plaster teeth, Special X-rays and photographs of the face are taken to see possible cosmetic disfigurement. The interpretation of these data allows an accurate diagnosis as possible of the problem and suggest the best treatment for each case adapting.

What is orthodontic treatment?

There are several treatment modalities, according to the problem to be corrected and the patient's age:

  1. Preventive treatment aims at the elimination of child deforming habits, usually in the temporal definition (3 to 6 years).
  2. The interceptive treatment is aimed at facilitating the normal output of the permanent teeth and improve the size and position of the jaws, generally when the parts of the teeth begins by the final (7 to 11).

The corrective treatment is indicated when they have left permanent teeth (12 to 15 years).

How are braces?

The braces can be removable or fixed. Removable appliances consist of a thin plate which fits to the palate that various metallic elements are added, able to move teeth with their bones. Its relatively simple operation but can only correct mild to moderate defects, without major difficulties for the prescribing professional. As impede chewing, must be removed during meals.

The fixtures consist of a tiny brackets bonded to the teeth, hosting special wires that supply power for movements. Its effectiveness is greater than removable appliances, It is especially indicated to correct accented or serious defects. But nevertheless, due to the complexity of its placement, and careful handling of the wires, the professional who uses should have greater scientific knowledge and clinical experience, otherwise it may cause irreparable damage to the teeth.

How long does orthodontic treatment?

Like the doctor can not ensure complete cure of a disease with total guarantee, so do orthodontics. The treatment aims to achieve efficient teeth, you, durable and beautiful. The ultimate success depends on factors as varied as the reaction of teeth and bones to movement, Professional clinical success, patient cooperation, the presence of hereditary factors, etc. In addition, newly moved teeth naturally tend to return to its original position. To avoid this risk, once the treatment is completed the braces are removed and replaced by a simple and comfortable fixed or removable devices that are periodically reviewed by professional.

What is the right age for orthodontic treatment?

Defects in the position of the corresponding teeth and bones may begin to manifest early, usually when the child loses milk teeth and are gradually replaced by permanent teeth. This is the ideal dentist for advice now. During the period covered by the childhood and adolescence, from 6 to 14 years, It is when most patients receive orthodontic treatment, depending on the output of the teeth and permanent molars and growth of the maxilla and mandible, whose manifest defects require immediate correction. But nevertheless, There are slight defects and passengers in the experienced practitioner should not rush, due to the possibility of a spontaneous correction. Definitely, it is necessary to place confidence in a professional, who based on their clinical experience and critical judgment to decide the best age to start orthodontic treatment if necessary.

Does the adult orthodontic patients may?

Treatment of adult patients is not only possible but, in many cases, It is necessary to correct the progressive tooth decay and prolong desirable existence. There is now a growing demand for adult individuals seeking orthodontic treatment, that was not done in due time. But nevertheless, orthodontic treatment in adults is more delicate and has certain limitations. For acceptance of this kind of treatment in patients, Modern braces are excellent aesthetic appearance, tolerance and comfort.

What information the patient should receive?

The patient has the right to comprehensive information about the problem you have, their individual characteristics, the chosen treatment and expected outcome. Also, You must know approximate duration of treatment, its total cost and effective way to do. The patient or their leaders should not begin orthodontic treatment without first fully informed and accept the conditions set.

Is it expensive orthodontic treatment?

More expensive, orthodontic treatment is expensive if you take into account the severity of the problem to be solved, the constant and continuous professional care, the quantity and quality of the equipment and its long duration. All these factors determine the final cost that varies in each case.

To make it more affordable, its cost is paid periodically and divided along the treatment period.

Final Tips

It is important that people appreciate the value of being able to enjoy efficient teeth, healthy and beautiful. For that, parents should take care of their children's teeth from an early age and take them to the dentist regularly.

When defects appear in the position of the teeth or jaws, if any, it is advisable to consult with an orthodontic, analyzing the situation and the need for treatment.








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